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AMS Policy Forum hosts open discussions on policy topics relevant to the weather, water, and climate community. The AMS Policy Program hopes to create a platform for members of the community to learn about and engage with the policy process.

Ultimately, we hope that the discussions on AMS Policy Forum will provide insights to the weather, water, and climate community; decision makers in the Executive and Legislative branches; members of the media; and the public.

We welcome and encourage the free expression of ideas on AMS Policy Forum. Responses may be moderated and, at times, excluded from the discussion if they lack in topical relevance, civility, or a basis in fact.

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Needs, Opportunities, and Priorities in Weather, Water, and Climate

This discussion explores how information and services relating to weather, water, and climate benefit society and might do so more in the future. This discussion will serve as the basis for an AMS Policy Program study on this topic and may contribute to an update of this AMS policy statement from 2008 on weather and climate priorities that is (as of April 2015) in the early stages of development.

For the purposes of this discussion “information” refers to knowledge and understanding, primarily that which results from scientific observations and research. “Services” refers to efforts that help apply that knowledge and understanding for societal benefit.


Prior Surveys

Research to Operations Survey

This eight question survey is designed to solicit feedback based on your professional experience of how the research-to-operations process works within the weather, water, and climate community.